Urania: Higher engine power and lower costs

Urania is the Petronas success brand. The Malaysian oil company has developed Urania specifically for commercial vehicles from Iveco and helped this brand to worldwide success. In Iveco vehicles, Urania has proven that the lubricants and engine oils in this series can increase engine performance and reduce operating costs. This is due to the longer intervals for an oil change and the improved efficiency of the fuel used. Good reasons for Oiltrade 24 to offer its customers Urania in its portfolio as a global wholesaler.

Lubricants that extend the life of the engines

Urania lubricants and engine oils extend the life of engines and reduce fuel consumption. The flow properties of Urania make it one of the highest quality engine oils that wholesaler Oiltrade 24 has in its range.

Petronas has set itself the task of making Urania a product that proves its outstanding properties at extremely high as well as extremely low temperatures. In order to achieve this, thinner oils are being produced, which reach the lubrication points in the engine even at low temperatures and provide less friction and thus lower fuel consumption. Many partners of Oiltrade 24 around the world appreciate these features of Urania and therefore rely on close cooperation with the distributor Oiltrade 24.


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