Total lubricants with first-class properties

As one of the largest mineral oil companies, Total is one of the world’s most successful producers of lubricants and oils. At Oiltrade24 as a wholesaler, our customers will find all common products of Total lubricants. The Total Group has a broad base with its range of fuels and lubricants for industry, private customers and commerce. Total also supplies many products in the heating oil, LPG, aviation fuel, bitumen and other specialty products segments. Total has established itself at the top in all areas and is also distinguished by its worldwide network of filling stations.

The extensive assortment of Total’s engine oils, transmission oils for cars, motorcycles and trucks meets the highest demands and, thanks to better engine performance, provides better mileage and therefore fuel savings.

The fuel economy technology of Total lubricants

Total lubricants are based on a “fuel economy” technology. These are oils that, thanks to their special composition, make it possible to save fuel compared to conventional oils with the same specifications. Oiltrade24 customers are always pleased to have these high-quality Total products in their product range and to be able to deliver as an international wholesaler worldwide.

As proven, Total products provide fuel savings for the engines. As a result, Total Lubricants are very popular in a wide variety of fields such as vehicles of all types, industrial machines and other special applications.

Optimally, fuel savings come into play when Total products are combined in the engine, transmission and axles. This results in excellent operating conditions and provide a significant fuel savings compared to conventional products in the respective applications. This also protects the environment, as the better mileage of the engines results in lower C02 emissions. These properties are constantly being developed by Total.

As the world leader in the industrial lubricants segment, Total has established itself through the outstanding performance characteristics of its products. Important factors for this are optimized efficiency, longevity and performance in machines and systems in the industrial sector. As a wholesaler Oiltrade24 offers to its customers all important products in the lubricant and grease range of Total.


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