Syntium: Successful lubricant against overheated engines

Syntium is a brand of the Malaysian oil company Petronas and was specifically designed to prevent excessive temperatures in engines. With this, Petronas has created a successful premium lubricant that Oiltrade 24 distributes worldwide as a wholesaler.

Engines are exposed to high loads, have to fight with deposits and therefore wear out quickly. Not so with Syntium lubricants. They have been specifically developed to develop their full power right in the engine, where these deposits form and overheat the engine. Syntium absorbs this heat and removes it from the sensitive engine parts. Its additives ensure good flow properties of the engine oil. Deposits and soot particles are transported away, the rapid wear of the engine parts is prevented.

Hassle-free performance in difficult conditions

For customers of Oiltrade 24, which operates worldwide as a distributor of Syntium products, this high temperature performance is an important selection criterion. Syntium ensures that engines run smoothly under difficult conditions. Thus, fuel consumption and engine closure are permanently reduced, the maintenance intervals are significantly extended. As a dealer, Oiltrade 24 is proud to be able to manage Syntium from Petronas in its portfolio.


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