Mobil: power increase for the engine

Oiltrade 24 is active in the distribution and trading of Mobil High Performance engine oils. In particular, the motor oil “Mobil 1” has set standards for outstanding performance. Mobil has developed oils and lubricants that can increase the effectiveness of every machine and engine. They are designed to ensure excellent cleaning power and comprehensive engine and wear protection, helping to save fuel. Even with long oil change intervals, a high wear protection for the engine is guaranteed.

As a wholesaler of lubricants and engine oils, we value Shell’s wide range of innovative products. That’s what our customers appreciate. Anyone using Mobil products will reduce equipment and machine downtime because the properties of the lubricants are excellent. They withstand high loads of cold and heat as well as wear, decomposition and evaporation.

Lubricants also in use in space

Even on the space station ISS Mobil is in use. Although Oiltrade24 is not yet ready to go into space – as a distributor, we operate worldwide and deliver quickly and reliably thanks to our wholesalers.

It is not without reason that Mobil is one of the leading global brands. The company’s products set global standards and not just meet them. The assortment meets manufacturer specifications and complies with internationally valid specifications.

As a distributor and wholesaler, Oiltrade 24 considers it important to have Mobil in its portfolio to be able to offer its customers in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.


Matthias Schmidt

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