Engine oil by Mercedes Benz: A class of its own

If you drive a Mercedes-Benz, you do not want to compromise on its engine oil. For these people, Mercedes-Benz has developed its own oil that Oiltrade 24, as a wholesaler, can offer to its customers worldwide. This engine oil is perfectly matched to the Mercedes-Benz engines and ensures high performance and reliability.

Drivers of a Mercedes-Benz place high demands on their vehicles, which is why the original engine oil is the ideal lubricant for their engines. It verifiably reduces pollutant emissions and costs for fuel. As a dealer, Oiltrade 24 is able to deliver this quality product anywhere in the world thanks to its distribution network.

Reliable lubricants even at high temperatures

Mercedes-Benz attaches great importance to the use of high quality base oils and corresponding additives in the original oils. Even at extremely high or low temperatures, oils and lubricants from Mercedes-Benz are reliable and ensure a long service life for the engine. They reduce friction and, thanks to their flow properties, ensure a well-lubricated engine. All reasons for Oiltrade 24 to sell Mercedes-Benz products as a distributor.


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