Liqui Moly - one of the top brands "Made in Germany"

Liqui Moly is a specialist in the production of “Made in Germany” fuel additives, lubricants and motor oils. The company is based in southern Germany. The full range covers a wide range, from cars, trucks to motorcycles or commercial vehicles. Oiltrade24 supplies customers worldwide with articles of the brand “Liqui Moly”. Thanks to the wide range of products, there are hardly any wishes left.

Here is an excerpt of other product categories that are covered with Liqui Moly articles: cars, commercial vehicles of all kinds, two-wheelers, construction machinery and shipping as well as gardening equipment. Indusrial standards are fulfilled as well as normal applications in commercial or private use. Basically, Liqui Moly products are approved, which increase the service life of engines and units.

The most popular engine oil in Germany was chosen: Liqui Moly

Customers in Germany confirm the quality of Liqui Moly products and choose Liqui Moly almost every year as the most popular engine oil brand in Germany! The customers of Oiltrade24 therefore rely on the products of Liqui Moly and the worldwide shipping of Oiltrade24.

Significantly lower engine wear and increased mileage over years are strong characteristics that distinguish Liqui Moly products. We at Oiltrade24 are always happy to have these great products “Made in Germany” in our assortment.


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