John Deere - the ideal lubricant manufacturer for agriculture

John Deere lubricants helps to optimise agricultural machinery maintenance. Maintenance costs for machinery are reduced by up to 25 percent when using lubricants and oils from John Deere. The most sought-after products from John Deere are always on Oiltrade24’s list of international wholesalers. Our customers benefit from the good performance of using John Deere oils and lubricants in their machines.

The John Deere range of products is great for older and newer engines. Even in the event of severe temperature fluctuations, John Deere oils effectively protect against wear, sludge, corrosion and soot. These first-class lubricating properties characterise the John Deere products especially for the agricultural sector.

Get top lubrication with John Deere

High stress on machines is no problem with John Deere products. The high temperature resistance excites, because this keeps the motors cool and clean even in these power ranges.

Oiltrade24 is a reliable supplier of John Deere products. These are ideal for machines with gasoline or diesel engines. The focus here is on requirements in the agricultural sector, here John Deere is a reliable manufacturer.


Matthias Schmidt

Sales Manager

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