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Gulf Oil is one of the eighth largest American manufacturing companies in 1941. Ninth largest in 1979. It was founded in 1901 and operated directly as a global oil company. Since the beginning, Gulf Oil has been characterized by its involvement in motorsport. The Gulf Oil Group manufactures all kinds of lubricants and also produces heating oil and diesel. Every year since 2001, about one gas station has been added to its own filling station network. The high quality of the Gulf products has proven itself from the beginning and is constantly being developed further.

The extensive range includes engine oils for cars, trucks, two-wheelers as well as gear oils and also brake fluids or Agri lubricants.

The engine oils are characterized by elaborately refined mineral base oils. There are also special additives. Emphasis is placed on excellent thermal oxidato-stability. This minimizes the formation of oil sludge and prevents thickening of the oil. Wear protection technology reduces wear and thus lowers engine maintenance costs. The low-temperature properties also ensure that engines start more easily even at low temperatures. Most Gulf oils are suitable for gasoline or diesel engines.

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