General Motors: Excellent lubricants for more efficiency

Oiltrade 24 also trades and sells lubricants and motor oils from General Motors. The company is known mainly by car brands such as Chevrolet or Cadillac. That’s why trading lubricants is an obvious business area for General Motors. As a wholesaler, Oiltrade 24 can offer the full range of General Motors products.

The applications for lubricants from General Motors are manifold: Next to the automotive industry, it is the aviation sector, the construction industry or shipping. But regardless of the industry, General Motors lubricants and oils ensure smooth operation of the equipment.

General Motors high performance lubricants are among the leading products in the world. Especially in road traffic with its high demands on efficiency, quality and material, General Motors shows why the products are in demand worldwide. Their products meet the standards of car manufacturers worldwide – or set them themselves.

Fast distribution thanks to a dense network

Thanks to a dense distribution network, Oiltrade 24 is able to deliver the right products from General Motors worldwide as a distributor. As a wholesaler Oiltrade 24 is able to offer high quality oils and lubricants at competitive prices in the market.

General Motors lubricants protect the engine from wear and tear. Its excellent properties reduce fuel consumption and increase the life expectancy of every engine. Oiltrade 24 is proud to be a wholesaler able to offer products of the traditional brand General Motors for worldwide distribution.


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