Fendt - high-quality lubricants for particularly high demands in the agricultural segment

Fendt as a German manufacturer (“Made in Germany”) for agricultural utility vehicles makes the same high demands on its lubricants as on its vehicle range. Under the toughest engine load, Fendt lubricants must withstand extreme temperatures. In addition, Fendt oils and lubricants must still work clean, even with a variety of possible contaminants. Fendt has developed suitable engine oils and gear oils for these special requirements. Oiltrade24 as wholesaler offers its customers all common products of Fendt. With its worldwide shipping options, Oiltrade24 is an optimal trading partner for its customers.

Fendt engine oils have been specially developed for strongly fluctuating temperatures. Ideal for both winter and summer use. By using high quality base oils and additives with special oxidation stability, Fendt lubricants ensure excellent performance. This is particularly advantageous in the most adverse conditions to which Fendt commercial vehicles are exposed. Furthermore, Fendt lubricants ensure a slower aging process of the oil through selected additive components. Since the aging process in connection with combustion gases would otherwise stress the lubricants additionally. Also, various dust particles or abrasion particles are either rendered harmless or held in suspension by the Fendt lubricants. Larger particles may be deposited in the oil filter. As a dealer Oiltrade24 recommend Fendt lubricants when using tractors and harvesters.

Fendt gear oils need special properties and protect the heart of any tractor or harvester. This is why Fendt gear oils are characterized by the following properties: Wear protection, optimized friction behavior, corrosion protection, seal compatibility, foam resistance.

Oiltrade24, with its many years of experience and international contacts, can supply all important Fendt lubricants worldwide to its customers.


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