ELF lubricants are ideal for extreme conditions

Over 80 years of experience characterize the French company ELF. It is one of the greatest in the international oil industry. In 2000, ELF merged with Total. As a result, the French rose to one of the leading companies for oils and lubricants.

Oiltrade24, as an international wholesaler, delivers ELF products to its customers worldwide. High Efficiency distinguishes ELF’s product range in many different areas, such as engine oils, radiator protection fluids, gear oils and special products. Of course, also for cars or commercial vehicles, among others, from agriculture or the construction sector. Bikes are specifically cared for with the brand “ELF Moto”. Again, ELF offers the full range of gear oil, fuel additives and brake fluid for motorcycles. Oiltrade24 delivers ELF products worldwide to its customers.

Motorsport at the highest level with Elf products

In motorsport, ELF shows that the lubricants retain their high quality even under extreme conditions and ensure outstanding engine performance.

An active development of the ELF lubricants ensures the company through continuous investment in research and development. Customers of Oiltrade24 benefit from it worldwide.


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