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In order to achieve more work in extreme conditions, Caterpillar has designed types of increasingly sophisticated lubricants/oils. The development from Caterpillar of the new generation of fluids for engines, transmissions, hydraulics and final drives is optimised year after year. We from Oiltrade24 can offer, as a dealer, the whole range of products at very competitive prices. From our warehouse in Stralsund / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern we export all Cat DEO products to many countries in the world.

Oiltrade24 wholesaler of Caterpillar Cat DEO Lubricants

As a wholesaler of Caterpillar lubricants it is our job to offer you the whole range of Cat Lubricants at very competitive prices. Just contact us and we will make an offer.

Caterpillar products that we have in our range of products:

1. Cat DEO (Diesel Engine Oil)
2. Cat SAEO (Cat Special AppliCation Engine Oil)
3. Cat DEO ULS
4. Cat TDTO (Drive Train Oil)
5. Cat SATO (Special AppliCation Transmission Oil)
6. Cat HYDO (Hydraulic Oil).

Why choose Caterpillar Cat DEO lubricants

Cat DEO lubricants and oils meet the same standards as the original Cat parts, it has been developed, tested and approved by Caterpillar. What are the benefits for your customers to use the Caterpillar original lubricants:

1. Same filling factory oil
2. Prevents buildup of deposits on piston and rings
3. Longer engine resist oxidation
4. Long oil drain intervals
5. Appropriate viscosity is maintained for longer periods of operation.

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