Castrol: Tradition in the production of lubricants

Castrol lubricants and oils are top products in the industry. They are suitable for almost all applications in countless application areas. Oiltrade 24 appreciates the wide range of products and is happy to be able to deliver these products to wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

Behind the name Castrol is a more than 100-year-old tradition as a manufacturer of lubricants. Early on, railway companies, shipping and mining were supplied by Castrol before engine oils for cars, motorcycles and aircraft were added. The British company impresses with high efficiency of its products and compliance with environmental standards.

Castrol: High quality for high demands

That’s why Castrol lubricants are also very popular with wholesalers Oiltrade 24. They keep machines running, reduce deposits in sensitive machine parts and show excellent properties even under very high or very low temperatures. They are used in all areas of industrial applications: in compressors, pumps, gearboxes and motors. Lubricants are required in metal working, in wind turbines or in turbines. Only high quality can meet these high demands.

Increasing productivity and efficiency are among the most important properties of Castrol lubricants. Many processes in machines and engines only work perfectly thanks to coordinated solutions. With products from Castrol, Oiltrade 24 as a distributor offers its customers the assurance of high quality.


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