Quality oils and lubricants from Agip Eni - premium quality for more than 30 years

Agip Eni (Eni formerly Agip Eni) is one of the largest companies in Italy with more than 33,000 employees distributed in over 71 countries worldwide. We at Oiltrade24 can supply the products of Agip Eni. With over 30 years of Agip Eni experience, these products stand for the highest quality, ensuring the best results even under demanding conditions. Vehicle classes from two-wheelers to sports cars as well as for agriculture are no problem for Agip Eni’s wide range of products. As a long-standing wholesaler, Oiltrade24 can supply Agip Eni products for any application.

Interesting applications such. in shipping, as well as in private and commercial use, distinguish products from Agip Eni. They stand for high reliability and make the lubricants from Italy very popular. Products from Agip Eni are constantly adapted and optimized to the latest specifications of engine manufacturers. Optimal protection for engines of any generation is guaranteed with this level of quality.

Oiltrade24 is a worldwide supplier of Agip Eni products

Extreme loads such as temperture fluctuations or other extreme loads can withstand Agip Eni’s products very well. Benefit from the good performance of Agip Eni products. Oiltrade24 can supply Agip Eni products worldwide.

Agip Eni, a global energy company, also develops special lubricants for use in stationary machinery, such as power generation. Especially in particularly sensitive areas of application, the outstanding properties of Agip Eni products come into their own. Oltrade24, as a wholesaler, is familiar with the product range of Agip Eni and is pleased to be able to offer this brand to its customers as well.


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